Sunday, September 29, 2013

Better Blog Than Never

Second effort since they reunited, me, I'm rejoicing. Loved this band in the glory days and love this band still. The official release is Tuesday, 10/1. For a time the A.V. Club is streaming the album in it's entirety. Check it out, it sounds really good. Not just good for nostalgic reasons tho. This record hits hard and spins thin, with a very distinctive warble that is so true to their sound.

For the record, I have been spinning records over the past weeks, just not bloggin'bout it. I've been too busy to maintain my super lax, once-a-week blog post. No matter how busy for the blogosphere, I am never to busy to lend my ear to some some hot licks and tasty riffs.

A couple of instant classics graced the dish over the past Sundays.

Keeping the dream alive...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Penut Butter and Jelly Hotdog

I often overlook this record in the stacks but, not this morning. Strings and horns and Elvis, oh my! Sweet crooning and fine guitar strumming filled the house earlier today. A gentle reminder that there is a soft spot in my heart for country-blues-rock and roll (some, not all—some).