Thursday, August 25, 2011

spending time under the giant sequoias with old friends

Hangin' with the Elk in the prairie is my only excuse for no post last weekend. Chillin with old friends under the old growth is what I was up to. The only music was the crack of the fire. Well, that and the douche bags that were in the camp next to us. Still, it was pretty freakin' rad. Stay tuned for more blah on the blahg...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still jammin econo, man!

Mike Watt's latest, "hyphenated-man" made the day oh so right, man. I was lucky enough to catch this tour when it came through town. Still jammin econo, man! Still touring econoline, as if that would ever change. I saw show # 49 on a 50 show tour that happened in 52 days. Seriously fucking bad ass, man.

30 bits to the cut on this punk rock opera. All gems. Harkins back to the days of the Minute Men. And loving every similarity. On yellow vinyl ta-boot. Pettibon art on the cover. Sweet!